Our values ​​and commitments

Our values

AGIR Transport is at the exclusive service of its members, and acts in their sole interest by demonstratingindependenceof impartiality towards all economic operators.

The AGIR Transport team of collaborators listensmembers’ needs, which allows them to anticipate issues and their skills enable them to meet their needs in terms of expertise

Sharing common values ​​encourages members to be united one another. Themutual assistancebetween members is a characteristic of the association.


Our engagements

At its level, AGIR Transport contributes to meeting the challenges ofsustainable development. The association is committed both to its internal operations and to its interactions with members.


The transport sector is a lever for sustainable development: the association and its team of permanent staff work hard every day to meet these challenges, on all levels.

Environmental concerns have been integrated into internal management processes, in order to reduce waste, resource consumption and the impact on the environment: reduction of paper waste, recycling, eco-friendly gestures, financial participation in the purchase of bicycles for employees, etc.

Social issues

On a social level, AGIR Transport tries within its means to offerpleasant workingconditions to its employees:comfortable premises, health and ergonomics program, increased remuneration via restaurant vouchers, gift vouchers, bonuses, etc.


Patronage / Cooperation

AGIR Transport participates in the work of an association which runs an international network of expertise to build sustainable mobility solutions, serving the populations of cities in developing countries.

AGIR Transport is part of a solidarity approach by supporting associations bringing medical equipment to conflict zones, or by supporting able-bodied and disabled athletes as part of their preparation for the Olympic Games.

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