A cycle of conferences that meets 3 objectives

  • Complete your knowledge through expert presentations
  • Share good practices
  • Anticipate major current issues and innovations in the sector

Each year, an update of the themes

  • News or who are preparing the future of mobility
  • Responses provided by specialists – consultants, design offices, manufacturers – or feedback from communities or mobility operators.
  • Leading speakers to understand major social issues, climate, management, etc.

1 effective formula

  • Short conferences: 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Led by experts
  • Focused on operational subjects of public transport, mobility or current events

2024 theme and conference topics

Objective Modal transfer

Expert conferences on mobility:
  • Mobility behaviors: how to bring about change?
  • Free public transport: for what objectives and according to what modalities?
  • MaaS / Single national title: can they contribute to changing the behaviours ?
  • Energy transition: where are the electricity and hydrogen sectors?
  • Cycling: is it possible to develop use without infrastructure?
  • Carpooling: how to develop use for daily journeys ?

Conferences on current themes:

  • Artificial intelligence: what impacts on today’s world?
  • 2024 Olympic Year: in the mind of an athlete.

Program for the 2024 edition

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